Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables, with many millions of consumers using it daily in their diet raw, cooked, in salads and more.
The tomato plant belongs to the family Solanaceae, with the scientific name Lycopersicum Esculentum and its origin is from the regions of Central and South America, while it is an annual plant.
It is a plant that can reach a height of up to 3 meters while its fruits, ie tomatoes are red, and are smooth and juicy with an intense aroma of freshness.

Tomatoes are also divided into two categories, semi-pruning tomatoes that need pruning and self-pruning tomatoes that do not need pruning.
Tomatoes are very much influenced by the climatic conditions of the area in which they are grown and mainly by the temperature.
Specifically, the tomato can withstand temperatures even just below 10-11o C and up to 38o C, while the soil temperature should not be below 14o C.
The tomato does not have special requirements regarding the soil, while in order to give the maximum it must preferably be in neutral and slightly acidic soil in order for the plant to better absorb the nutrients from the soil.
Also, the soil should have a high content of organic matter but also good drainage in order not to cause diseases in the plant.
It is important to add here that before the installation of the crop, the soil should be very well treated.


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