The Bulgarian National Horticultural Union (BNHU)

The Bulgarian National Horticultural Union (BNHU) was established in May 2003 as a non-profit organization. Currently the majority of the members of BNHU are major producers of traditional and non-traditional Bulgarian vegetables. One of the Union’s main objectives is to promote the growth of exports and to enhance competitiveness of Bulgarian fruit, vegetables and flowers on international markets.


Prodcom is a non-profit legal entity of private law, which aims to represent the interests of its members in dealing with natural and legal persons of private law, public authorities, bodies and internal international view  vegetable-based modern and competitive.

Union of Hellenic Chambers (UHCC) Greece

UHCC members are all 59 Chambers covering the entire country. The Union represents the Chambers at home and abroad and expresses their positions and a component of their views. All 59 Hellenic Chambers participate in the UHCC on an equal basis: Commerce - Industry - Craft and Professional. In particular, each prefecture has a mixed Chamber, except the country's three largest cities, which have three Chambers each. Using this network, the UHCC represents our country's entire

Panagrotikos farmers Union of Cyprus

Panagrotikos Farmers Union is by far the largest rural organization of Cyprus. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by farmers and pastoralists, with local offices in all the major cities and central offices in the Island’s capital city of Nicosia. 


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