Prodcom is a non-profit legal entity of private law, which aims to represent the interests of its members in dealing with natural and legal persons of private law, public authorities, bodies and internal international view  vegetable-based modern and competitive.

Production of vegetables in heated greenhouses, solariums, fields, fruit production andmushrooms, transport, storage for retention and conditioning for future commercialization, industrialization of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms as well as selling in fresh and industrialized conditions.  An important place is given to research and investments ininfrastructure and technology.

Governing bodies, management and control of the National Association of Manufacturers vegetables in greenhouses and solariums LEGROM field are General Meeting, Board of Directors and the President.

Association attend the most important companies of the sector of fresh vegetables in the country.

PRODCOM LEGUME FRUCTE has the following structure:

  1. The National Association of Vegetable Producers in Solar Solariums and Fields -255 members
  2. Association of Transylvanian Fruit Producers - 21 members
  3. Association of Moldovan Fruit Producers - 128 members
  4. National Association of Mushroom Producers - 33 members
  5. Romconserv Employer (National Association of Canned Processorsof vegetables and fruits and mixed cans) - 21 members

The organization has national representation representing the entire spectrumof the vegetable-mushroom fruit branch representing a significant percentage from a market of about 800 million euros annually.

Represented by the PRODCOM National Interprofessional Organization of Vegetables and fruits, the sector occupies a very important segment of agriculture of Romanian, over of 35%.

The organization has besides a wide representation of products and representation complex geographical groups of producers, organizations, small and large farms, authorized natural persons, warehouses, canning factories in 60% of counties of the country.

The members totalize an area of 200 hectares of heated greenhouses, over 500 ha of cold greenhouses and solariums,over 3000 ha of vegetable crops in the field, important areas of trees fruit  factories, 30 canning factories with a capacity of 300 thousand to, means of specific transport, specialized units in the supply withseeds, planting material, specific materials for the sector, high-class specialists.

The Interprofessional Organization is a member of the COPA-COGECA with representative office in Brussels.


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