Panagrotikos farmers Union of Cyprus

Panagrotikos Farmers Union is by far the largest rural organization of Cyprus. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by farmers and pastoralists, with local offices in all the major cities and central offices in the Island’s capital city of Nicosia. 

Panagrotikos Farmers Union, has under its umbrella and responsibility all the farmers cooperatives and unions of the Public of Cyprus.The main aims are: the development of the rural economy; improvement of the working and living conditions of those living in rural areas; the social and technological rise in the farming and agriculture area and of course, the protection of the environment. Moreover, our Union has promoted the creation of research and promotional projects related to farming and agricultural products, set-up information centers and periodically runs training programs for all of its members. Members are residents of Cyprus over 18 years who are farmers, cereal producers, potato growers, harvesters, citrus fruits growers, cattle farmers, ranchers and poultry farmers, fishermen, fish farmers and generally anyone associated with agricultural and animal.

Apart from the administrative organs derived from elected representatives of its members, and who will be involved straightly in implementing the program, Panagrotikos employs a permanent high-level personnel , which will be actively employed in the administration and management of the Program .


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